Kaylum's Shaolin Adventures 2019

My mission to live and breathe the Shaolin way…

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.


Time left before I leave!!


About Me

Kaylum is Shaolin! – The one thing that interested me with Kung-Fu & Freerunning was the teenage mutant ninja turtles! Since I was young I have always be in ore of how they moved and their ability to fight, then i grew up and watched Jackie Chan, Bruce lee & Jet lee and I then knew it was possible for me to move like this too!

So i decided to learn not only how to move like they did but also learn about the body’s natural abilites. I became a Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist learning muscle manipulation & how to speed up recovery process with the bodys natural healing processes.

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Day 4 of My Adventures

So today is actually day 19. being here 20 days has definity changed me and my mindset. i feel stronger physically & Mentally but i

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Day 3

Day 3 probably the hardest day ive had. feeling battered bruises and beaten all i wanted was to feel my heart in my arms. broke

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The Next Day

First full day! Exciting i was excited to find out what the day entaled…until i found out…Power training and conditoning…as daunting as it sounds.  first

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Day 1 – My Journey

So starting the journey of a lifetime…So it seemed the morning getting up for the flight seemed to be one of the most difficult times

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