Day 1 – My Journey

So starting the journey of a lifetime…So it seemed the morning getting up for the flight seemed to be one of the most difficult times of my life…leaving my family but most importantly the love of my life. i was so nervous about flying to a country like china by myself but there was always one person giving me my strength like she aways does. Arriving at the airport felt so surreal having all my closest loved ones in tears not knowing when id see them again. but once i got through security i knew it was going to start to feel better. regardless of my heart being ripped in two. 

i checked in and waited for my first flight to Amsterdam which was only 50 minutes and then awaited my connecting flight which was so busy and so full again so surreal. it was 14 hours long longest flight id ever been on and i was sat next to two people who didnt speak english which was a little uncomforting but i held a present in my hand from the one i hold closest and it got me through. 

Landing was definitly an experience i had one last flight and i was the only westerner on the flight and they loved it although i was just constantly starred at! when i landed in my final destination i was terrifeid!  looking for my name on a board to be taken the the temple i was staying at and after 30 minutes i found the taxi man! 

3 hour car journey later on & off sleeping in the taxi it was mesmerizing mountains & green surrounding me i couldnt believe it. i had arrived half way during the 2nd training session but i wasnt letting jet lag take me so i got stuck right in and i went to the training ground and i met all my fellow kungfu Brothers & Sisters. people from all over the world quite amazing.  2 hours training went by and i was knackered but the beastly meal at the end of the day was so worth it although i had no choicce but to force myself to eat with chopsticks and for sure i was laughed at took me a few days but i got the hang of it! 

My first night was definitly the hardest all i could think about was how id spent most my nights with Shelley and being 6thousand miles from her and 8 hours a head definitly played on my thoughts and emotions but i had been given a gift very close to my heart…a book with memorys & moments beautifully written with time & care the comfort allowed me to fall asleep but not without a goodnight text & that i was doing okay to her. 

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