Day 4 of My Adventures

So today is actually day 19. being here 20 days has definity changed me and my mindset.

i feel stronger physically & Mentally but i still miss her ive really struggled seeing her spend her birthday without me i never wanted to miss another.

ive been swimming in the dirtiest river and had a BBQ with the abbot and another 2 monks i found out that monk cannot tread water due to their bone density being so dense they sink! whaaaat.

i sat through my first buddhist ceremony last week what an experience! she was with me in spirit and thought.

i was introduced to a game called werewolf which was interesting for us all to play a game of deception and durability very interesting but ive always been a bad lier so ive lost everygame !!

ive also had a room mate whos wife bought him 2 weeks here as a present im not sure it was what he was hoping but he was a nice guy and we got on well Radek from Czech Republic 

3 days ago we climbed the mountain behind the temple! 1.9km straight upwards with the tiniest of stares in 45 degree heat and humidity of a steamroom ha! took us the entire day but we got to the middle there was a temple which was hundreds of years old at the top and there was monks living there somehow! we ate with them and continued our trip upwards i couldnt belive we were only half way! 45 minutes later Summit! what. a. view. hundreds of thousands of dragon flys were circlulating  the peak and it was breath taking sun shining half of us injured but standing like warriors.

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