The Next Day

First full day! Exciting i was excited to find out what the day entaled…until i found out…Power training and conditoning…as daunting as it sounds. 

first things first we warmed up for an hour running stretching and then we stuck in:

Conditioning consisted of 50 kicks to the outter leg 50 kicks to inner thigh no going easy!

300 hits to each arm & 500 chops to the temple pillars…i thought this was a joke until one of the other pairs started and my laugh and smile soon vanished! 

12 kicks in 20 kicks in 30kicks in 50 kicks in what on earth was i doing!! i focused on some things that made me happy Shelley,my family everything i was trying to become a better person for but still  i couldnt believe what was happening my partner explained to me a breathing technique so i tried it out and i managed to get through the other leg kicks with a slight more ease although i still wanted to kick him back little did i know i was about too! but i had just learned my first lesson just because i got wound up from being hurt i had to concenrate and remember it wasnt personal , i had to focus my kicks to a degree they would inflict controlled damage and in a specific way!  i could feel my muscles burning in such a way they had never done in the gym or doing other sports like freeruning endurance agility and presicion were my new target and with the help of Shifu they sure did come in quick. 

after the 500 hand chops to the pillars which bruised alot! it was power training time…wasnt i in for a suprise.

50 dumbbell throws and catches 

300 sit ups

3 ply jumps to 30 metre sprint

finished with 100 skips

now i dont know about anyone else but after 20 hours of jetlag and it only being my second day i could barely stand! my body had for sure just been put through some new limits. 

A lesson i took away from this day was what Shifu had said earlier that morning…we hadnt told us what he had planned later in the day he was sneaky like that but it was probably for the better! 

Pain is only ever in a mental state it can be temporary or it can be broken allow yourself to over come and you will see it is nothing. 

i looked at everyone and was definitly feeling the most battered but i was still standing and ill take it as a win!

5 hours of training and torture went by Food time my favorutie time for anyone that knows me im food food food. the food was shared portions abit like a buffet 4 dishes…Rice and then it would be a variety of different foods mainly veggie as the monks were all veggie but i was open for it lucky for me Shelley had opened up my food world hella big time so i wasnt fussy as soon as i took my first bite i was in awe the flavours and foods in my bowl were unreal i wanted more but we had to limit ourselves as there was 8 of us and not enough for 3rds… ;). 

Night time is definitly the hardest all i want is to be at home on the sofa with Shelley with her falling asleep on me like usual messaging is abit like torture but at the same time it is the only comfort i have that and our video calls as much as i hate video calls i had comfort from her voice and smile…would without a doubt help send me off to dream land.

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